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Bar & Beverage Stage

Sommelier Service Competition

Five top sommeliers will compete in this unique, service-based challenge for a chance to win

Culinary Stage

World Pastry Cup National Selection

Presented by Chefs Canada. After a 15-year hiatus, in 2022, Canada was represented at one

Culinary Stage

Creating Simple Yet Satisfying Desserts

Presented by Chefs Canada. In this Masterclass, Chef will share how to create desserts that

Culinary Stage

Bread Making 101

As one of Toronto’s leading bakeries, Goûter by RA crafts breads and croissants for some

Culinary Stage

Culinary Storytelling

Presented by Chefs Canada. Chef Calvin led multiple restaurants and pastry teams in Toronto before

Culinary Stage

From Classic Roots to Contemporary Evolution

Presented by Chefs Canada. Classically trained, Montreal born Pastry Chef Raffaele Stea learned from the


Power of Sports Marketing & Events

Presented by Uninterrupted Canada. Sporting events are big business; 8.6 million Canadians watched the Super

Learning Lounge

The Future of Restaurants with Square

Presented by Square. To understand where the restaurant industry stands today and the opportunities that

Workshop Stage

Flavour & Function: Pairing Meals With Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Presented by Labatt Breweries of Canada. Including non-alcoholic offerings on your menu is more than


Growth Series: “How I Got Here”

Learn from successful innovators and operators who have successfully launched products, brands and services in