The Food Truck'N Experience

After a successful debut in 2019, Innovative Solutions is back once again to present The Food Truck’N Experience, an innovative culinary experience like you've never seen before. This activation is brought to you by the team behind the popular Food Truck’N Event Series - Ontario's premier food truck event series concept, established in 2015.

The Food Truck’N Experience will showcase international flavours served through the windows of some of Ontario's hottest food trucks. From comfort treats to gourmet eats, it’s a three-day sampling of southern Ontario's thriving food truck scene, in partnership with some exciting food and beverage brands. Visit the World Pavilion to experience it for yourself!


ALIJANDRO'S KITCHEN, Mediterranean / Mexican flavours

THE AREPA REPUBLIC, Venezuelan / Latin flavours 


TDOT'S NAANSENSE Caribbean / European / Asian flavours 

EL BOSCO, Latin American Flavours

EVA'S ORíGINAL CHIMNEYS, Hungarian bread pastries 

NANI'S GELATO, Italian gelato

THE KATHI ROLL EXPRESS, Indian Street Food flavours

HOLY SHAKES, Unique milkshake flavours