Corks & Grooves, The Vinyl Revolution In Bars

Vinyl’s resurgence in contemporary culture speaks to its enduring appeal. Pairing high-end audio with wine/cocktail is a harmonious — and perhaps a marketable — combination. Call them industry veterans, call them DJs, or call them just people who want to discuss the process of opening a listening bar and building an incredible music program. More than that, these are people who do not treat the beverage menu as secondary to the sound system.


  • Chuba Obi, DJ/Photographer


  • Jodie Dewald, Owner/Operator, The Little Jerry
  • Ludovic Bacs, Music Programming Manager, Soundsgood
  • Farabi Ahmed, General Manager, The Little Jerry
  • Date : 10 Apr 2024
  • Time : 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm (America/Toronto)
  • Venue : Bar & Beverage Stage