SAVE THE DATE: April 7-9, 2025

Enercare Centre, Toronto

CCHAC Summit

MONDAY, April 8, 2024

11:00am-3:00pm - Salon 103, Enercare Centre

The CCHAC Summit is a featured annual event presented by Chinese Cuisine & Hospitality Association of Canada that provides a good opportunity to gather restaurant owners, suppliers, and related services businesses. The summit will release the Chinese Canadian food industry analysis, and discuss in-depth solutions, challenges, and new trends in Asian restaurants operated in Canada. The summit will focus on Industry Insights sharing and forecast, also the leadership awards ceremony will inspire the Asian-oriented restaurant business to develop and contribute more to the community.


About the CCHAC

Chinese Cuisine & Hospitality Association of Canada is a not-for-profit organization registered in 2016 and formed voluntarily by individuals and groups in hospitality-related industries. CCHAC is committed to food and culture communications between Asian countries and Canada, in cooperation with stakeholders to advocate and develop Chinese cuisine culture overseas, stimulate industry development, and monitor the skills development in the sector. CCHAC serves 700 entrepreneur members and 1k+ restaurant brands. It also operates training courses, successfully organized Asialiciousfest, and many food events.