RC Show 2019 Shares Food Innovation must-sees

Canada’s leader in the foodservice and hospitality industry shares top product picks; everything from cutting-edge holograms to sustainable products that will revolutionize the way we dine.

From restaurant robots and holograms, to meatless meat and transforming unused milk sugar into superior spirits, the 2019 RC Show has officially released its list of must-see, innovative products set to reshape the hospitality industry and transform restaurants near you.

With this year’s theme being sustainability, the show has searched their roster for products that innovate, enhance diners’ experiences, help restaurants’ bottom lines and support the planet all at the same time. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the technology, equipment and flavours you’ll find at RC Show 2019, taking place Feb. 24-26:

  1. Serving up Robotics: From Autonetics Universe, a provider of robotic solutions offering cutting-edge commercial and personal robots designed to modernize and revolutionize business. Meet the Waitress Robot. The Waitress Robot can greet, serve and entertain guests, as well as carry loads of up to 33lbs, and you don’t have to worry about her tripping up or complaining about overtime. Her anti-collision and auto re-charge technology will have her working for up to 10 hours non-stop. With a body made of glass fibre, reinforced plastic, acrylic, rubber and steel, this hard-working “Robotress” stands at 5’5” and weighs 121lbs.
  2. Yes, You Are Seeing Things: Good enough to eat, these Holograms by Autonetics Universe will allow restaurants to engage with customers and captivate their attention in ways that are both emotionally compelling and visually impactful. Imagine your mouth-watering meal jumping off the menu and enhancing your dining experience. Watch your sales increase as customers stop, watch and purchase! Robots and Holograms are available for sale or rental.
  3. Fresh Food Without the Prep: Bringing fresh food to places where it wouldn’t otherwise exist is what Chowbotics does best thanks to Sally the Robot, the world’s first fresh-food making robot. Sally serves customizable, made-to-order salads, snacks, breakfast and grain bowls within a sleek 3×3 footprint. She features 22 ingredient canisters, touchscreen capability and a card reader option is available. Sally prepares an eight-component meal or snack in under a minute and serves 50-100 meals before replenishing.
  4. Big Heat, Small Size: The Merrychef eikon® e2s is the smallest high-speed oven with the biggest performance. Ideal for anyone who wants to prepare fresh, hot food on demand where space is at a premium. The eikon® e2s is the ideal way to cook, toast, grill, bake and regenerate a wide range of fresh or frozen foods, and its flexibility supports business growth by allowing rapid menu changes and additional food offerings — all from a tiny footprint.
  5. Hot Off the Stove: The EcoBurner is a refillable burner that uses a mixture of propane and butane gas to keep food warm at buffet set-ups. As a safer, cleaner and greener burner, it is the ideal alternative to the typical gel or wick chemical burners often used at buffet stations. Producing 75 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than gel or wick pots, a simple switch to EcoBurner is a great way to help hotels and catering companies achieve their sustainability goals.
  6. Perfect Food On-the-Go: Available exclusively from Restaurants Canada, blueRover offers the Continuous Temperature Food Delivery System. This Internet of Things solution ensures the same great quality, temperature and food safety for your delivery customers that they expect when dining in. Featuring temperature control units for both heating and cooling, moisture management technology and real-time GPS tracking, the delivery system bags come in a variety of sizes and are customizable for your branding.
  7. Meat Has Met Its Match: Available in six distinct flavours, Ecoideas® Jackfruit is a nutritious meat alternative for anyone looking for a new protein substitute. This delicious vegan take on meat is organically grown and is an excellent source of vitamin B6. It is also high in fibre and a great source of magnesium. It can be served on menus alongside dinner favourites or served on its own.
  8. Beyond Meat: Once again, Beyond Meat® brings a revolutionary plant-based breakthrough to the table: Beyond Sausage™ Original Bratwurst is the first plant-based sausage that looks, sizzles and satisfies like traditional pork. Made with a blend of simple plant-based ingredients and wrapped inside a 100% plant-based casing derived from algae, this meat alternative offers the health, environment and animal welfare benefits of plant protein, while simultaneously quenching meat-loving taste buds.
  9. Snack Solutions: From the company that brought us a jackfruit meat alternative, Ecoideas® brings us Wasi Organic Purple Corn Chips — crispy purple corn chips made with quinoa, sesame seeds and a dash of sea salt. Wasi offers a guilt-free snack option that is responsibly sourced and contains expertly blended superfoods found in remote Peruvian environments.
  10. Mooo-ve Over Vodka: Dairy Distillery has married artisanal distilling with innovative science to create Vodkow. Helping dairy farmers and the environment by transforming unused milk sugar into superior spirits, Dairy Distillery has created new opportunities for dairy farmers while reducing waste. Vodkow is a gluten-free spirit that has a crisp, clean and smooth vodka taste.
  11. Drinks for the Non-Drinkers: On a mission to change the way the world drinks and to accommodate the 85 per cent of Canadians who don’t order alcohol when they eat out, Seedlip and Flow Alkaline Spring Water have added to their roster of non-alcoholic, zero calorie options so diners can feel good about what they’re putting inside their bodies while positively making an impact on the environment at the same time. Get to know Seedlip’s Grove 42 — a zesty and complex, citrus-forward blend of three types of orange and clean, fresh notes of ginger and lemongrass — and Flow’s newest flavours: Blackberry + Hibiscus and Grapefruit + Elderflower.
  12. The World’s Best Pans: Featuring an extremely hard and ultra-resistant plasma coating, and a distortion-free thermal base that retains its optimal flatness under all conditions, The World’s Best Pans are well-suited for the professional kitchen and extraordinary stress. Dishwasher safe, The World’s Best Pans go through a unique casting process, achieving a relaxed structure without pores, which provides the basis for a distortion-free soil, and thus for energy-efficient cooking.
  13. Kitchen Must-Haves: From Studio50, the creator of Canadian-Nordic furniture and homewares, comes the Rock Bottom Collection. Marrying the functionality of science-grade glass with the engineered properties of concrete, the concrete base cradles and supports the round bottom boiling flask and serves as a hot stone or ice stone. With a boiling flask that can withstand both extreme hot and extreme cold liquids, brew tea or coffee, gravy, soup or mulled wine, as well as cold cocktails tableside.
  14. Got Wood? Equally beautiful and functional, Natural Platter is the first dishwasher-safe presentation board in the world. Canadian-made, using natural Ontario maple wood, this serving staple is fully-customizable and U.S. FDA approved — so chefs can wash all their food safety concerns away. Simply Rooted Pepper Mills are beautifully handcrafted, hand-turned mills made from either Canadian Red Maple or White Ash wood. From Simply Rooted Woodshop, these beautiful centrepieces also feature an adjustable grind so you can customize the coarseness to your diner’s liking.

You can see these products and more at the upcoming RC Show taking place from Feb. 24-26 at the Enercare Centre in Toronto. To learn more and to register for media accreditation, please visit rcshow.com.

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