Feeding The Recovery Through Innovative Products At RC Show

Leading hospitality event showcases new solution-based innovation designed to help the industry thrive, including instant cleaning tools, high-efficiency robotic kitchen appliances and more

TORONTO – February 18, 2021 – Innovation is born out of a challenge raised, and the exciting new developments to be shared from Canada’s foodservice and hospitality industry—challenged significantly by COVID-19 and restrictions across Canada—is no exception. The upcoming RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE is showcasing innovative and solution based products and services this year to help the foodservice industry rebuild, reinvent and reconnect better than ever.

From February 28 – March 3, RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE aims to reunite the hospitality industry and prepare businesses for what lies ahead via a revolutionary, Canadian-made virtual platform by NexTech AR Solutions. In addition to showcasing innovative products virtually and bringing industry leaders and entrepreneur stories to life on the screen, this year’s online showcase is innovative in itself. The event will present over 100 global experts, 50+ hours of solution-based programming and insights and an immersive Exhibit Hall on a NEW dynamic platform integrated with augmented reality, hologram technology, interactive 3D booths. Sampling and tasting will continue this year with buyer’s kits that aim to bring brands to life and right to attendee’s doorsteps. Check out the latest products that can be found within the virtual Exhibit Hall that aim to help operators thrive through the pandemic and beyond.

Chase Merchant Services

Restaurant Payment Solutions Over the past year, the pandemic has not only accelerated payment trends that were already in motion, but also changed key aspects of the customer experience. What, where, and how customers shop has rapidly changed. Chase Merchant Services provides payments solutions to help businesses of any size, engage with customers how and when they want. Desktop or mobile, contactless or over-the-phone, curb-side or ecommerce, short- and long-term, whatever your business needs, Chase is there to help. Chase also features strategic partnerships with Touchbistro, Smooth Commerce, Data Candy, and others, to provide innovative, reliable solutions.

REEF Technology

Neighbourhood kitchens & restaurants Ghost kitchens aren’t new to Canada, but innovative adaptations to the concept have helped restaurants with only a few locations in urban settings reach Canadians in self-isolation. REEF Technology offers one such concept, transforming underused urban spaces into kitchens and community hubs with turnkey solutions for deliveries in particular, helping restaurants expand their delivery models with ease and ultimately grow their bottom line.

Welbilt-Garland – G Series Range

Inspired by chefs and engineered by experts, Welbilt-Garland’s G Series Restaurant Range offers not only an upgraded kitchen experience, but one designed to directly cater to the needs of those that need them most. Taking food further, the G Series is intuitive and adaptive to each chef’s needs with expanded cooktops, improved efficiency and consistency in temperature control.

Gastronomous Technologies

Robot Chefs Showcasing Canada’s first fully autonomous kitchen, Gastronomous is creating the “Kitchen of the Future” using industrial automation techniques and cutting-edge technologies. Designed to reduce labour costs and improve consistency and food safety, the robust and scalable solutions are the perfect way for QSRs and fast-food chains to enhance their business model and become more resilient.

RATIONAL – iCombi Pro

Gone are the days of under- or over-cooked foods. Recognized as the new gold standard in efficient kitchen appliances, RATIONAL’s iCombi Pro systems bring a new sense of technology into the kitchen. Intelligent enough to dynamically react to their environment, these appliances ensure the perfect meal every time by adjusting humidity, air speed and temperature automatically.

Quebec Spirits

Gin/Acérum As the largest gin market in Canada with more than 50 craft distilleries, it’s no surprise that Quebec is redefining the spirits industry, pouring local aromatics and passion into their gins to bring the province’s different flavours to light. From algae-infused gin to Acérum – a brand new kind of spirit distilled from maple syrup – craft distillers like Distillerie du St. Laurent are changing the cocktail game with innovation from new and unique ingredients.

Civil Liberties

Bottled cocktails With COVID-19 restrictions across Canada forcing establishments to close their doors to indoor service, several bars and restaurants turned to at-home kits to satiate customer’s appetites. Civil Liberties takes the guesswork out of home mixology with bottled cocktails, including flights, mulled wine and non-alcoholic options for patrons to enjoy their favourite tastes at home.

Queen Street Bakery

Chia Charcoal bread Restaurants and suppliers are working hard to keep up with increasing consumer demand for plant based, gluten-free and dairy-free meal options, but not all alternatives are as healthy as they seem. Queen Street Bakery’s gluten-free breads, buns and doughs like the Chia Charcoal loaf put the “good” back in “baked good” by incorporating superfoods like chia and beans instead of wheat, rice and corn.

BrandM3dia – Smart UVC cleaning wand

Although restaurant cleanliness has always been important, these days extra sanitation measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 require extra innovation. BrandM3dia’s Smart UVC Cleaning wand makes sanitation a breeze as a battery-powered, handheld device with hours of cleaning capabilities, perfect for property, equipment, tools and more. For a full room disinfect, operators can use a 360 degree cleaning automation with the UVC XL sanitizing up to 2,000 sq. ft.

Big Ass Fans – Clean Air Systems

Pairing powerful airflow, proven disinfection and unmatched expertise, Big Ass Fans doesn’t just provide foodservice buildings with a “cool” ceiling attachment. The new Clean Air System takes the guesswork out of disinfection, killing 99.99% of Sars-Cov-2 and other airborne pathogens with ion disinfection and UV technology.

Juiceworks – Safe Entry Stations

An ounce of prevention is worth a lot in our current climate, and the Safe Entry Stations powered by Juiceworks and Predict Medix makes prevention even easier as the ultimate COVID-19 screening station that can be customized to fit existing décor or host stands. Developed by infectious disease clinicians and data scientists, the stations use AI to autonomously screen for seven symptoms associated with COVID-19, keeping patrons safe by providing body/core temperature readings and results in seconds.

For more information and a sneak peek of innovative brands at the RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE, visit www.rcshow.com.

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