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RC Awards Of Excellence

Nominations for 2023 RC Awards of Excellence Are Now Closed

Canada’s restaurant and foodservice industry is powered by passionate, innovative and creative people, from business owners and chefs to frontline staff and suppliers, and the many others who team up to serve more than 22 million customers every day. Do you know someone whose contributions have made a difference to their community, province or the entire country? Shine a spotlight on the extraordinary foodservice individuals you know by nominating them for a Restaurants Canada Award of Excellence.

Leadership Award

  • Made an outstanding and pioneering contribution to Canada’s restaurant and foodservice industry;
  • resulting in a positive and measurable impact on their community or industry;
  • this impact could be based on one large-scale initiative or ongoing and consistent actions over time pertaining to employment opportunities, arts and culture, sustainability, philanthropy, community involvement, or other worthy areas

Culinary Excellence

  • Made an outstanding contribution to Canada’s culinary landscape, possesses an innate passion for foodand are dedicated to service excellence.
  • This individual strives to raise the bar in terms of flavors and or culinary experiences that delight the senses;
  • inspiring others through their culinary knowledge, passion and skill;
  • and exemplifies the highest standards of food quality and safety

Innovation Award

  • Created a game-changing Canadian product or service for foodservice operators;
  • that makes a significant and positive impact on foodservice operations
  • adding measurable value, such as generating traffic, reducing costs, enhancing the customer experience, etc.
  • This innovation must be highly relevant to a clearly defined target market

2022 Award Winners


Leadership Award

John Sinopoli

Chef & Owner, Ascari Hospitality Group

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Culinary Excellence

Donna Dooher

Executive Chef & Owner, Mildred's Temple Kitchen

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Social Advocacy

Trevor Lui

Co-Founder, Quell Now Inc. & Principal, Highbell Group

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Innovation Award