RC Show 2018 Spotlights Technological Innovation And Industry Disruptors

Coming soon to restaurants and hotels: Dishwashing Intellibots, aquaponics, new ecosystems and other innovative concepts.

RC Show 2018 is showcasing cutting-edge products, pioneering people, and transformative ideas, as it focusses on innovation in the hospitality industry. “From space to robotics to creative gastronomy, innovation is touching every area of the industry,” says Shanna Munro, President and CEO, Restaurants Canada. “We’re excited to bring together the game changers and disruptors who have shaped and continue to shape the future of food.”

Here’s some of what you can expect to see at RC Show 2018:

Restaurant Robotics – Have you heard of Momentum Machines, the fully autonomous, burger-making robots? Or Marble’s fleet of self-driving delivery robots working with Yelp Eat24? Alan Smithson, CEO of MetaVRse, will speak at RC Show 2018 about how these, and other industry-transforming technologies, will change what the world will look like in 2037. For example, he predicts socializing will happen in virtual reality. Imagine how much this will impact restaurants and their usage as a social space. Robotics will move beyond the grill with Diversey’s range of smart tech cleaning products, from Intellidish, a cloud-based monitoring system that offers a customized approach to industrial dishwashing, to Intellibot floor cleaning robots, that is sweeping us into the future.

Space to Spoon – Dr. Irwin Adam, Creative Scientific Director of Future Food Studio & BEVLAB is redefining how we interact with food. His notable projects include the Ice Cream Museum, drum beat, dancing soup at Toronto’s Sensorium event and the opportunity to sip on clouds, with his sky-high cloud generator concept. At RC Show 2018, the work of this food futurist anchors a presentation with Canadian Space Agency and their Space to Spoon exhibit, showing how space technology benefits Canadian farmers and sustainable agriculture, impacting the food we grow, serve and eat.

Community Connectors – While not as high tech as robots and satellites, community connecting platforms and services are reshaping the hospitality world dramatically. Airbnb was the first big player in opening people’s home to travellers. Expanding this model, This Open Space connects restaurants, cafes and hotels to event planners looking for a unique space to host weddings, pop-ups, and other events.

Thinking “inside” the box – These companies take traditional outdoor practices and bring them inside with forward-thinking, sustainable twists:

  • Aqua Greens grows organic greens using aquaponics, which cultivates fish and plants in a closed loop ecosystem.
  • Ripple Farms engages urbanites with their food through hands-on workshops and educational material, tackling food security one meal at a time.
  • Planet Shrimp is Ocean Wise™-endorsed and uses clear-water recirculating systems, which eliminates the bycatch associated with outdoor shrimp farming.

Beyond the Walls – It is anticipated that by 2020, 70% of restaurant businesses will be outside traditional walls and grocerants (grocery stores that bring restaurant-style aesthetics and offerings to consumers) are leading the way. Longos is taking a bite into this category with their Corks Beer & Wine bar and Farmboy has in-store dining options from a sushi stop to a stir-fry station.

Intrigued? Experience, taste and learn how these innovators and others are impacting the restaurant business at #InnovationUnleashed, RC Show 2018. To register or learn more, visit www.rcshow.com.

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About RC Show
The largest foodservice and hospitality event in Canada, RC Show 2018 will bring the industry together to shop, taste, learn, connect and do business. Attendees will find three days of inspiring talks, demos, workshops and competitions, on- and off- site networking and dinner events, and 250,000 square feet and eight pavilions of product innovation.

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